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ShareLedger Develop

Welcome to the ShareRing Develop Documentation.

This section provides you with resources to build decentralized applications (dApps) on our blockchain.

Our features include SDKs for signup and login, allowing you to quickly onboard users to your application and manage their authentication and authorization. Our SDKs are easy to use and integrate with your existing systems, making it simple to start with our platform. We offer advanced identity management capabilities stored securely in our ShareRing Vault. The ShareRing Vault provides a centralized location for managing user identities, allowing you to easily verify the identity of your users and ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your application.

We provide a client JavaScript library built on CosmJS, an easy-to-use interface for interacting with our blockchain network. With this library, developers can easily integrate our blockchain into their JavaScript applications, enabling many use cases and applications. The library provides a range of functions for interacting with the network, including sending and receiving transactions, querying the blockchain for data, and interacting with smart contracts.

To help you work with the data stored in our platform, we also offer a powerful query language that lets you quickly and easily retrieve information from the blockchain. ShareRing Link is intuitive and flexible, allowing you to customize your queries to meet the specific needs of your application.